About us

Lemic Group is a business system which includes design, production, and civil installation of:
  • aluminum and PVC doors and windows
  • hanging facades
  • steelwork structures
  • accessories made of plastic-coated aluminum sections, wood-aluminum sections, PVC sections
  • composite panels

Through continuous perfection of its expertise and production technology in pursuance of the latest world trends, Lemic Group Ltd. stays on top and is always able to offer completely rounded-off solutions to its customers.

Lemic Group is comprised of:

  • Lemic Group Ltd. Serbia – Belgrade
  • Lemic Moscow

On a development path ever since its establishment back in 1994, Lemic Group Ltd. has engaged in constant improvement of its production and business management system, and its name has thereby became synonymous with quality, innovation, and creativity. The Lemic Group system employs 120 qualified workers and engineers, and their number has a tendency of growing. The headquarters and production facilities (6,500 m2) are situated at 2 Mussorgsky Street in Altina district of Zemun.

As from the year 2002, the company is in the possession of an SRPS ISO 9001:2008 Standard Certificate issued by SGS of Switzerland.



Mission, vision, values, and strategic goals

The vision, mission, values, and strategic goals of Lemic Group for the five-year period 2005/2010 were determined at the company meeting held on December 12, 2004.


Our vision is to be one of the leading manufacturers of steelwork structures and aluminum/glass products in South-Eastern Europe, with a developed logistics network.


Our mission is to put our business activities to a good use of:

  • our clients, through providing them with quality products and reliable services, top certified quality at competitive prices
  • our employees, through providing them with a secure and pleasant work environment, and opportunities for individual and expert growth
  • our suppliers, through providing them with a chance to cooperate with us in the development of high quality original products, and grow with us both in Serbia and on foreign markets
  • our company itself, through a steady growth in the scope of its profitable business operation, which in turn brings about a growth in its market value
  • our wider environment, through a responsible attitude toward our natural and social surroundings, and through adherence to business ethics and social values in all spheres of activity.


Strategic goals of lemic group

    Leading manufacturer of steelwork structures and aluminum/glass products
  • Presence of the markets of Eastern Europe
  • Entry into other markets of South-Eastern Euroipe
  • Profitable business operations

Achieved market share

  • Serbia 66 %;
  • Croatia 12 %;
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina10 %;
  • Russia 5 %;
  • Macedonia 4%;
  • Others 3%;

Social Responsibility

We are aware of our impact on the environment, and this consciousness brings about an increased social responsibility and care for the future. We therefore do our best each year to reimburse the environment, through various sponsorships and humanitarian projects, by giving it back some part of what it gave to us. The sponsored funds are earmarked for the development of sports, culture, education, and projects related to environmental protection.

The support of Lemic Group for the environment boosts the economic and social development of the local community in which the company runs its business. Its ties with the local community yield wider economic and social results, creating a favorable and orderly environment both for the customer and for the employees, enhancing thus the quality of the goods and services on offer. All of this is witnessed by thank-you letters of such local communities, commendations of our clients, acknowledgements and certificates of good quality issued to our trading houses and outlets by authorized institutions and clients on various occasions of formal appraisal.

Human Resources

Lemic Group is made up of young and highly educated experts of all trades, who check on their expertise through daily practice so as to provide the client with the highest possible level of service. The company keeps investing considerable funds into a continuous perfection of their professionalism through conference seminars and expert literature, while at the same time boosting its technological platform through purchasing the most modern production machinery and equipment in line with the latest industrial trends in the world.
Lemic Group is and international company running business in the countries on South-Eastern Europe and Russia. Lemic Group has around eighty employees in Serbia, Croatia, and Russia. The basic task of the Human Resources Department is a good care for the employed, because our business strategy depends on them in the highest possible degree. For the purposes of fulfilling such business strategy, we have formed a corporate human resources strategy at the Lemic Group level .Jointly with the beneficiaries of the services provided by the human resources function, we have determined the human resources priorities. In that way we provide flexibility both at the human resources and organizational level. 

Our human resources priorities are:

  • planning the career of key personnel and also of up-and-coming personnel
  • dialog with employees at all levels
  • transfer of experience and know-how
  • internal and external human resources policies
  • reimbursement and motivation
  • intercultural organizational development
  • management through chance – innovative activities
  • security and healthcare for the employed